Meet the Pulumi Team at Google Cloud Next

Heading to Google Cloud Next? Come and say hi to Pulumi!

The Pulumi team will be at Google Cloud Next meeting customers, partners, attending talks, and most importantly - be around to catch up with our Pulumi users!

Our CTO, Luke Hoban, will be giving a Cloud Talk (Apr 10 5:30 - 5:50 PM) on how to program the Cloud using Pulumi. Luke will review the unique benefits of applying programming languages to your cloud infrastructure in both GCP and Kubernetes, and show how the Pulumi open source project is making it easier than ever for developers to take advantage of the breadth of these cloud platforms to build everything.

At our booth, we'll be highlighting all things Google Cloud with Pulumi - from Kubernetes to Cloud Functions, from Firebase to GKE and from Cloud Build to Compute Engine. Come join us to hear about how Pulumi makes it easier to work with the entire Google Cloud Platform, and how you can use code to program your cloud infrastructure on GCP as well as other cloud platforms!

We will be at Booth S1459 - follow the purple to find Pulumi. Meanwhile, follow our twitter @PulumiCorp to keep in touch!


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