Pulumi Gives Enterprises a Multi-Cloud Infrastructure Platform-in-a-Box

New customizable internal developer portal (IDP) enhances agility, compliance, and security

SEATTLE — October 11, 2023 — Infrastructure as code leader Pulumi today introduced Pulumi for Platform Teams, a complete set of capabilities that increase agility, compliance, and security. It includes Pulumi Developer Portal for self-serve provisioning, a CNCF Backstage plugin, Compliance-ready Policies and Remediation Policies, for automatic adherence to organizational best practices. The company also announced general availability of Pulumi Deployments for deployment orchestration.

Internal developer portals (IDPs) enable developers to quickly provision approved infrastructure, boosting productivity with pre-configured architectures and automated testing. Instead of choosing between using expensive, inflexible platforms or building resource-intensive in-house solutions, companies can now use Pulumi’s building blocks for creating and customizing IDPs. These platforms are inherently many-cloud and frequently center around the adoption of Kubernetes.

New Pulumi capabilities for platform teams include:

Pulumi Developer Portal – Enable Self-Serve Infrastructure
Pulumi Developer Portal provides platform teams with an out-of-the-box Service Catalog experience so that developers can deploy from Pulumi Cloud. It supports advanced integration with source control, CI/CD, and custom workflows through a rich REST API. It is available in all Pulumi Cloud offerings, with private template hosting offered in both the Enterprise and Business Critical editions.

Pulumi Backstage Plugin – Integrate with Existing Self-Serve Portals
The new plugin integrates Pulumi Developer Portal with CNCF’s Backstage, enabling developers to browse, provision, and monitor infrastructure using both platforms. It is available on the Backstage and Roadie Marketplaces immediately.

Compliance-ready Policies – Enforce Rules on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Kubernetes
Platform teams can now use hundreds of Pulumi CrossGuard policies for automating compliance and best practices, eliminating custom policy creation. Teams can build policy packs for any cloud, service, and topic (e.g. Network, Encryption, Logging, or Storage), with support for key compliance frameworks, such as PCI DSS, ISO 27001, SOC 2, and CIS.

Remediation Policies – Automatically Fix Compliance Issues
With Remediation Policies, Pulumi’s policy as code engine allows platform teams to author policies that automatically correct configuration violations, such as auto-tagging, Internet access control, and enabling storage encryption. Remediation is available in the open-source engine with organization-wide configuration and enforcement for Business Critical customers.

Pulumi Deployments Generally Available – Enterprise Infrastructure Deployment Workflows
Pulumi Deployments, which saw 2,500% growth during its Beta, is now available to Team Edition customers. Pulumi Deployments allows platform teams to orchestrate automated deployment workflows, standardizing deployment processes and eliminating costly custom provisioning systems. It contains features that are difficult to build in-house, such as Git Push-to-deploy, ephemeral environments, and UI-based deployment triggers. API extensibility enables drift detection and remediation, stale infrastructure cleanup, and blue/green and multi-region deployments. Enhancements also include OIDC configuration, Slack and Microsoft Teams integration, GitHub Enterprise support, and self-hosted runners.

The first 3,000 deploy minutes per month are free, and $0.010 per deploy minute thereafter. Custom pricing is available to Pulumi Enterprise and Business Critical customers. Platform Teams documentation is available here.

“When we spend time with our community, it’s clear that empowered platform teams are an absolute must,” said Joe Duffy, CEO of Pulumi. “Unfortunately, we see too many folks recreating the same wheel. The new Pulumi for Platform Teams capabilities help companies get up and running more quickly, with built-in security and reliability, allowing them to focus on unique business value with greater impact.”

Supporting Quotes
“Pulumi Deployments is easier to set up for new projects than our in-house developed CI/CD pipelines for running Pulumi,” said Mark Morlino, DevOps Engineer at Boost Insurance. “It's more fully featured and has much better integration with our version control system. The best part is that I don't have to maintain it myself, so I can spend more time focused on other tasks.”

"At ai.io, we provide solutions to generate and analyze sports data, creating valuable insights for sports organizations and players, enabling unprecedented opportunities. Pulumi’s intuitive IaC lets us quickly deliver the solutions our clients demand with the full power of programming languages our team already knows” said Jon Parton, Head of Architecture at ai.io. “We’re excited by the new features Pulumi is releasing, like the Developer Portal and new compliance offerings. We will gain speed and productivity by enabling self-service cloud infrastructure while maintaining compliance standards throughout our organization."

“Pulumi has been pivotal in our Kubernetes migration and simplified cluster upgrade rollouts down to single-line code changes, and we’re on a path to have all resources managed by Pulumi,” said Raildo Mascena, Senior Software Engineer, VTEX.

“Infrastructure as Code is an essential piece of every developer platform,” said David Tuite, Chief Roadie. “We’re excited to have Pulumi join the Backstage ecosystem because it helps teams collaborate using their favorite programming language instead of relying on domain-specific languages.”

Pulumi Platform Teams architecture diagram: https://pulumip.us/platform-teams-diagram.

About Pulumi
Pulumi lets engineers deliver infrastructure as code faster, using any programming language. The Pulumi Platform enables customers to manage 10x more resources at lower cost than traditional tools, while Pulumi Insights unlocks analytics and search across cloud infrastructure, and enables novel AI-driven infrastructure automation. For more information, visit www.pulumi.com.


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