Pulumi AWS Native Provider Speeds Users Into the Future of Modern Cloud Application Development on AWS

Pulumi now provides same-day support for new AWS Cloud Control API-supported services and features, allowing customers to harness modern cloud architectures using industry standard languages, software tools, and cloud engineering best practices

SEATTLE — SEPTEMBER 30, 2021 — Pulumi today announced its Amazon Web Services (AWS) Native Provider, which covers all resources available via the newly released AWS Cloud Control API, a set of common application programming interfaces (APIs) that make it easy for developers to manage their AWS and third-party services. Pulumi worked closely with AWS to develop the AWS Native Provider, which provides same-day support for new AWS Cloud Control API-supported services and features with support for all new AWS services and features typically available on the day of launch. The AWS Native Provider allows users to build any cloud architecture with familiar languages (e.g., TypeScript/JavaScript, Python, Go, C#/.NET) and also supports any third-party resource provider in AWS Cloud Control API, including Atlassian, Datadog, Densify, Dynatrace, Fortinet, New Relic, and Spot by NetApp.

Pulumi tames the complexity of the modern cloud so that infrastructure teams, developers, and security teams can build, deploy, and manage AWS infrastructure faster and with more confidence, enabling increased innovation and competitive advantage. The company’s Cloud Engineering Platform provides a complete solution for building, deploying, and managing modern cloud applications on AWS using cloud engineering best practices.

“AWS provides over 200 fully featured services to support virtually any cloud workload. Many Pulumi users tell us that they love AWS’s rapid pace of innovation, but want ways to more quickly and easily incorporate the latest AWS services and features into their projects,” said Ken Exner, Director, AWS Developer Tools at AWS. “By using the new AWS Cloud Control API and Pulumi’s AWS Native Provider, our joint customers can quickly take advantage of the latest AWS service and feature updates to drive new innovations across their businesses.”

"Pulumi’s cloud engineering platform has been a game changer for us, allowing our engineers to automate modern cloud infrastructure provisioning using languages that are familiar, flexible, and powerful," said Tyson Trautmann, Vice President of Engineering at FaunaDB. "We’re excited about the new native provider collaboration between AWS and Pulumi because it gives us the ability to adopt new AWS features and products more quickly, accelerating our own platform innovation and time to market."

Modern cloud architectures help companies innovate faster and provide cost, scalability, and time-to-market benefits. However, these architectures (such as serverless or containers) are more complex because they are composed of many interdependent, loosely coupled cloud services and APIs. New cloud service features are released frequently and require teams to manually update their applications. This makes it difficult to deploy and manage modern cloud applications reliably while maintaining high velocity. Teams deploying modern cloud applications need a programmatic way to manage their complexity, automation to sustain high velocity, and tools that empower developers to build faster and more reliably. This is best done using software engineering languages and tools that are already widely used.

Pulumi and its AWS Native Provider allow users to:

  • Use industry standard languages (e.g., Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Go, and .NET/C#) to build cloud infrastructure with all AWS services available in AWS Cloud Control API.
  • Use any AWS service not yet supported by AWS Cloud Control API with the existing AWS Classic Provider, which can be used with the new AWS Native Provider.
  • Easily build any modern cloud architecture, such as containerized and serverless applications, and its underlying infrastructure, including networks, databases, and clusters.
  • Adopt cloud native technologies (like Kubernetes and Helm Charts) and seamlessly integrate them with AWS services using a uniform approach.
  • Leverage libraries with best practices out of the box, such as properly configuring and scaling Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) and Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) clusters, or create one’s own libraries using standard abstraction and package manager technologies.
  • Reduce risks with comprehensive testing at lower costs: unit test frameworks for any language, cloud resource mocking that enables faster testing, and integration test frameworks.
  • Automate delivery of cloud applications and infrastructure through a unified pipeline with over 12 continuous integration and continuous deliver (CI/CD) integrations (e.g., AWS Code Services, GitLab, CircleCI), or use Pulumi's in-cluster Kubernetes Operator.
  • Manage cloud infrastructure with full visibility and controls, in addition to proactive enforcement of compliance with Policy as Code.

The new Pulumi AWS Native Provider is available in preview today for all Pulumi languages, including TypeScript/JavaScript, Python, Go, and .NET. It is available from npm, PyPI, the NuGet Gallery, Go Modules, or GitHub.

“Pulumi’s cloud engineering platform has helped us unlock the full potential of modern architectures on AWS and has enabled us to innovate faster than before,” says Adam Wilczek, Staff Site Reliability Engineer at Webflow. “We are excited about this collaboration between AWS and Pulumi since the Pulumi AWS Native Provider will enable us to leverage the latest AWS features and products sooner.”

“Pulumi’s new AWS Native Provider, powered by the AWS Cloud Control API, gives Pulumi’s users instant access to the latest AWS Cloud Control API-supported services and features as soon as they’re launched, without any delay or need for us to manually implement support,” said Joe Duffy, CEO at Pulumi. “The full surface area of AWS resources provided by AWS Cloud Control API can now be automated from familiar languages like Python, TypeScript, .NET, and Go, with standard IDEs, package managers, and test frameworks, with high fidelity and great quality. Using this new provider, developers and infrastructure teams can develop and ship modern AWS applications and infrastructure faster and with more confidence than ever before.”

At launch, AWS Cloud Control API supports hundreds of AWS resources, and the Pulumi AWS Native Provider supports all of them. Additionally, the AWS Native Provider can be used with the Pulumi AWS Classic Provider, which supports 800+ AWS resources. As additional resources are added to the AWS Cloud Control API, Pulumi will have same-day support for them on AWS Native Provider. Pulumi users may use the existing and new providers in the same programs to assist with transitioning to the AWS Native Provider. Users can get started by downloading the open-source SDK, creating a new project, and choosing `pulumi-aws-native` as the provider type. They then can choose to use Pulumi’s fully managed service to manage their AWS resources with integrated state and secrets management, dashboards to visualize and audit their stacks and resources, integrations with existing CI/CD workflows, and collaboration features that help teams manage infrastructure together. Pulumi offers a free individual edition and editions for teams and enterprises that have sophisticated scale, security, compliance, and auditing needs.

Learn more about the AWS Native Provider by registering for the Cloud Engineering Summit at https://www.pulumi.com/cloud-engineering-summit/ or visit https://www.pulumi.com/.

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Pulumi's Cloud Engineering Platform unites infrastructure teams, developers, and security engineers around one software engineering process for delivering modern cloud applications faster and speeding innovation. Pulumi’s open source Modern Infrastructure as Code helps teams tame the cloud’s complexity using the world’s most popular programming languages and communities, including Python, Node.js (JavaScript, TypeScript), Go and .NET (C#, F#). This enables teams to use a single pipeline for delivering and securing infrastructure and applications on any cloud—public, private, or hybrid. Organizations of all sizes, from startups to the Global 2000, have chosen Pulumi for their cloud transformation and modernization needs. Founded in 2017, Pulumi is headquartered in Seattle and is backed by leading VC firms. For more information, visit www.pulumi.com.

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