Panther Labs Unleashes Innovation by Accelerating Delivery and Deployment of Modern Cloud Applications with Pulumi Cloud Engineering Platform

Fast-growth security analytics platform developer speeds cloud application deployments by 10X with increased reliability and agility by adopting cloud engineering practices enabled by Pulumi

SEATTLE — DECEMBER 7, 2021 — Cloud Engineering leader Pulumi today announced Panther Labs, a security analytics platform company that helps teams detect and respond to breaches at cloud scale, has selected the Pulumi Cloud Engineering Platform to manage and scale its cloud infrastructure. With Pulumi, Panther has been able to speed its deployments by up to 10X, reduce the size of its legacy infrastructure codebase by more than 50%, and enable its developers to adopt cloud engineering best practices to deliver its cloud applications faster and more reliably.

The Panther Labs engineering team builds, deploys and manages complex serverless infrastructure on AWS. Its developers were using a legacy Infrastructure as Code tool with a domain-specific language (DSL) to deploy and manage cloud infrastructure. Developers hit a wall with the tool as they tried to scale their infrastructure, ultimately slowing down the company’s velocity and its ability to innovate. The company required a solution that would empower developers to iterate on and deploy cloud infrastructure rapidly and reliably using existing software engineering practices and tools.

Panther Labs selected Pulumi after evaluating both Pulumi and AWS Cloud Development Kit. It found that Pulumi delivered faster performance and speeds compared to its existing infrastructure tool. Teardowns were 2X as fast, fresh deployments were 4X as fast, and simple changes were more than 10X as fast. In addition, it validated that infrastructure code with Pulumi is compact and efficient, allowing Panther to reduce lines of infrastructure code by more than 50%. Importantly, Panther selected Pulumi because it enables cloud engineering practices out-of-the-box, allowing developers to use programming languages (TypeScript/JavaScript, Python, Go, C#/.NET) and existing software development practices that they already knew.

“Pulumi has been an incredible boon to our company because it enables us to unlock the full potential of the modern cloud,” said Joren McReynolds, Vice President of Engineering at Panther Labs. “With Pulumi, we can truly become a company driven by the principles of cloud engineering so we can deliver more reliable releases and a significantly better developer experience all while using standard programming languages. We are now in the best position to deliver new innovative solutions to our customers and to do so quickly, which is huge for a startup such as ours that needs to accelerate our efforts and to do so efficiently and seamlessly.”

With Pulumi, Panther Labs can more easily manage its infrastructure with infrastructure components that codify best practices and reduce manual work. Because Pulumi supports general purpose programming languages, Panther’s developers could also use standard unit testing frameworks that enable them to frequently test their infrastructure and “shift risk left.” The team could also version infrastructure code with Git and deliver their infrastructure code through the same CI/CD pipelines used for application code. Frequently testing infrastructure code and delivering it through automated pipelines increased both delivery speed and quality. The team is also enjoying central visibility across hundreds of single-tenant customer deployments, including a history of when changes were made and what changed for each account.

“Panther Labs immediately understood the value of Pulumi over legacy Infrastructure as Code tools to manage complex serverless infrastructure,” said Aaron Kao, Vice President of Marketing for Pulumi. “With Pulumi, they were able to have a platform that allowed them to manage the complexities of modern cloud technologies and architectures. The programmability and testability of infrastructure enabled by Pulumi generated remarkable improvements in delivery velocity and faster service to their customers.”

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