Pulumi Announces $15M in Series A Funding to Accelerate Development and Adoption of its Cloud Native Development Platform

Commercial offering of common language cloud programming platform enables deployment of any application to any cloud by any team

SEATTLE -- OCTOBER 22, 2018 -- Pulumi Corporation, launched in June this year by developer tools veterans Joe Duffy and Eric Rudder to reinvent the way developers program the cloud, today announced that it has secured $15M in Series A funding, in addition to announcing the commercial availability of its SaaS offering. Led by Madrona Venture Group and joined by Tola Capital, the new funding will accelerate growth and adoption of the company’s cloud native development platform for teams of all sizes. As part of the funding, Sheila Gulati, managing director of Tola Capital, will join S. Somasegar, managing director of Madrona Venture Group, on Pulumi’s board of directors.

“Pulumi has made great progress building the product and is seeing excellent customer traction. Our continued investment in Pulumi comes from our belief that the most critical cloud developer technologies are only now being brought to market. There is tremendous room for innovation, as current approaches to cloud programming are just too complex to scale,” said Somasegar. “Joe and Eric are peerless leaders in this area and have assembled a world-class team which is poised to forge a bright new path into an era of highly simplified and increasingly impactful cloud development.”

“Tola Capital was founded on the idea that there is a software revolution happening and that giving developers the ability to architect and build applications for a multi-cloud world is a cornerstone of how computing is changing,” said Gulati. “Pulumi delivers on this vision and enables developers to build for the cloud using the language they know best. We look forward to continued partnership with the Pulumi team through this next stage of adoption and growth for the business.”

Pulumi’s open source SDK enables cloud native infrastructure as code using real programming languages (JavaScript/TypeScript, Python and Go), libraries and familiar tools. Pulumi’s SaaS offers an integrated approach to multi-cloud delivery of infrastructure, managed services, container and serverless applications. It does so across public cloud providers -- including AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform -- in addition to private and hybrid clouds built with Kubernetes, OpenStack and VMware. 

“Our customers are telling us that configuration sprawl is real, and that a consistent way of provisioning and continuously delivering cloud native infrastructure is vitally important,” said Eric Rudder, Executive Chairman of Pulumi. “Pulumi enables that uniform model and provides significant productivity and reliability benefits across cloud development models, whether teams choose VMs, containers or serverless.”

Pulumi’s SaaS offerings enable its expanding user base to take advantage of increased collaboration and enterprise-grade capabilities. The Pulumi SDK remains open source and free for anyone to use and is complemented by SaaS offerings:

  • Community Edition: Launched in June this year, the Pulumi Community Edition supports state management and deployment history for any number of cloud native infrastructure stacks. It is available at no cost.
  • NEW! Team Edition: Designed for organizations, the Pulumi Team Edition supports teams through multiple authentication providers such as GitHub and GitLab. It includes role-based access control and introduces workflow integration via lifecycle hooks to support the collaboration and delivery needs of development and DevOps teams alike.

Pulumi also continues to provide support and services to customers adopting the Pulumi Cloud Native SDK as they move into production.

“At Wallaroo, we’ve been able to provide customers with on-demand analytics clusters from Pulumi powered infrastructure, relieving them and ourselves from having to maintain custom, infrastructure-related code,” said Sean Allen, VP Engineering, Wallaroo Labs.

“Today’s announcement marks the culmination of several critical financial and technology milestones for Pulumi and redoubles our commitment to enabling teams to program the cloud,” said Joe Duffy, CEO of Pulumi. “I would like to thank Madrona Venture Group and Tola Capital for their passionate support and alignment with our vision. This new funding will accelerate development and adoption of our open source platform, in addition to our Team Edition, to help organizations take maximum advantage of trends we are seeing in multi-cloud architectures, continuous software delivery, closer collaboration between developers and operators and the shift to cloud native computing.”

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Pulumi provides a Cloud Native Development Platform that enable teams to get their serverless, container, infrastructure and Kubernetes code to the cloud quickly and simply. Pulumi provides an SDK to define, deploy and manage cloud services using familiar languages (JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Go), with clear collaboration for teams and enterprises seeking to deliver cloud native, multi-cloud capable, applications and solutions. For more information, visit https://pulumi.com and http://twitter.com/pulumicorp

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