Pulumi Is Industry’s First Multi-Cloud, Multi-Language Infrastructure as Code Platform
with 100% Azure Support

Next-generation provider enables provisioning, delivery, architecture, policy and testing for Azure using a broad range of familiar languages including TypeScript and C# 


SEATTLE -- September 21, 2020 -- Modern Cloud Engineering pioneer Pulumi today announced the release of a Pulumi-native provider for Microsoft Azure that provides 100% coverage of Azure Resource Manager (ARM), the deployment and management service for Azure that enables users to create, update and delete resources in their Azure accounts. The new provider gives users same-day updates for additions and changes to Azure APIs, including new ARM capabilities and enables codification of provisioning, delivery, architecture, policy and testing using a broad range of familiar languages including TypeScript, C#, Python and Go. The company will be sharing more about these capabilities and its future vision at the first annual Cloud Engineering Summit, being held October 7 and 8.

Pulumi gives users unprecedented access to cloud engineering tools, libraries and communities. It enables incremental cloud adoption and modernization with support for more than 40 public, private and hybrid cloud providers -- including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Kubernetes -- and support for a wide variety of cloud architectures, including virtual machines, containers, serverless, hosted data and AI services. Available in preview today for all Pulumi languages, the new Pulumi `azurerm` provider will coexist with the current `azure` provider, with Pulumi users able to select and use either or both providers within their applications. New Pulumi Azure projects will default to use the `azurerm` provider once the provider reaches general availability.

“Issues with existing Azure providers have led us to invest engineering time in building workarounds, delaying our ability to adopt new features of the Azure platform and reducing confidence in our software deployments for ‘unsupported’ features,” said Ringo De Smet, founder of Cumundi. “The new Pulumi Azure provider gives us immediate access to new features from Azure and accelerates our software deployments.”

Codify Provisioning, Delivery, Architecture, Policy and Testing for Azure
Azure users can now fully leverage Pulumi either online or as self-hosted SaaS to accelerate provisioning with the ability to plan changes and preview diffs before they happen, while tracking historical changes. They can also continuously deliver application and infrastructure at scale using one of a dozen CI/CD and SCM system integrations and built-in secrets management. Real sharing and reuse codifies architectural patterns and best practices, using an ecosystem of libraries that they can contribute to, leveraging real language packages shared with the community. Policy-as-code capabilities prevent critical mistakes from getting deployed into any cloud, enforcing security and compliance policies, cost controls and other best practices, using policies defined in real languages. Comprehensive testing capabilities instill confidence that infrastructure is correct before and after deployment, enabling integration testing for ephemeral environments with post-deployment validation.

“Cloud Engineers rely on Pulumi to manage their most important Azure infrastructure and our goal is to offer the absolute best experience for working with the entire Azure platform,” said Joe Duffy, CEO at Pulumi. “Our new Azure provider is rearchitected from the ground up to be able to offer access to every resource in the Azure Resource Manager resource model, at high quality, on launch day. This sets a new bar for Infrastructure as Code providers for the Azure platform.” 


The new Pulumi Azure provider is available now in NPM, PyPI, Nuget, Go Modules and at https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-azure-nextgen. API documentation is available at https://www.pulumi.com/docs/reference/pkg/azure-nextgen/ and includes more than 1,000 resource examples. A tool to convert existing ARM templates will be available in the coming days.


About Pulumi

Pulumi's modern infrastructure as a code platform helps developers and infrastructure teams work better together and ship faster with confidence, using open source and the world’s most popular programming languages. Our SaaS enables a consistent workflow for delivering and securing applications and infrastructure on any cloud—public, private, or hybrid—including AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes and more than 40 other cloud providers. Hundreds of organizations of all sizes across a wide range of industries have chosen Pulumi for their cloud transformation and modernization needs. Pulumi was founded in 2017 by Microsoft, Amazon and Google software veterans. For more information, visit www.pulumi.com.

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