Pulumi Named the Infrastructure-as-Code Product to Watch in 2022/23 by Enterprise Management Associates

Leading IT industry analysis firm cites Pulumi sharply outgrowing other Infrastructure as Code platforms along with native Kubernetes and Helm support, continuous compliance, increased developer productivity and consistency across languages and clouds as drivers for recognition

SEATTLE — MAY 4th, 2022 — Cloud Engineering leader Pulumi today, from the second annual PulumiUP conference, announced that Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) has named Pulumi the Infrastructure-as-Code Product to Watch in 2022/23. The report, available here noted that Pulumi, with 198% YoY growth in use in software development projects, has sharply outgrown Hashicorp Terraform (45%) and AWS CDK (43%). Pulumi adoption continues to accelerate, with more than 1M downloads per month and 350% year-over-year growth of its enterprise customers in the last 12 months.

The report also cited Pulumi’s strengths in native Kubernetes and Helm support, continuous compliance, increased developer productivity and consistency across languages and clouds. This is in addition to sharp growth in Hacker News posts, community Slack membership, Reddit posts, Stackoverflow questions, Python Library downloads, developer activity on GitHub and GitHub stars.

“Pulumi makes ‘shifting left’ easy to implement while at the same time increasing developer productivity,” said Torsten Volk, managing research director, Enterprise Management Associates. “The platform enables organizations to unify DevOps pipelines independently of cloud, application type, product team, or development language. Providing a high level of standardization and operational control while at the same time enhancing application developer productivity was the core factor for selecting Pulumi as the IaC Product to Watch in 2022/23.”

EMA Products to Watch in 2022/2023 address critical enterprise pain points in a new and often unique manner, enabling organizations to accelerate their digital transformation journey. The firm conducted product evaluations through the eyes of six critical personas: software developers, IT operators, DevOps architects and engineers, site reliability engineers, data engineers, and data scientists. Those chosen were identified based on the analysis of real-life projects, end-user feedback, product briefings, demos, and feedback from partners having observed the respective product in action. The evaluation includes hundreds or even thousands of data points as the basis for EMA’s final decision.

EMA cited key benefits of Infrastructure as Code, the category in which Pulumi leads, as:

  • Innovation: IaC-enabled automation creates time for software developers to easily experiment with new cloud services.
  • Speed: IaC simplifies the automation of development, build, test, deployment, release, operations, and scalability of software applications and accelerates the organization’s ability to deliver new capabilities faster.
  • Quality: The ability to test an application within its developer-defined and security engineer-approved infrastructure minimizes the risk of application issues due to infrastructure inconsistencies.
  • Compliance: Built-in compliance controls enable the centralized management of the software development and DevOps lifecycle across data centers, public cloud, and edge.
  • Cost decrease: “Code once, deploy anywhere” in combination with enabling the use of the same staff, tools, and processes for the compliant and secure operation of applications in data centers, public cloud, and at the edge promises significant cost reduction for developers, cloud engineers, DevOps teams, SREs, and IT operators.

Pulumi’s language- and cloud-agnostic infrastructure as code model enables a universal, yet consistent, approach to how teams deliver public, private, and hybrid cloud workloads. By taking a true polyglot approach, combined with universal conversion tools, Pulumi is able to meet teams where they are and take them to the cloud.

The entire Pulumi platform is available in including Python, Node.js (JavaScript, TypeScript), Go and .NET (C#, F#), Java and YAML, and taps into great programming tools and best practices that can be used to tame cloud complexity. Sharing and reuse, combined with a multi-language component model, enables teams to create reusable, well-architected building blocks, and to establish security and compliance guardrails through policy as code. Pulumi’s conversion tools support teams coming from Terraform, CloudFormation, Azure Resource Manager, Kubernetes configuration, or even manually provisioned resources.

“This outstanding recognition comes at a time where I truly feel that the prospects for Pulumi and for the Infrastructure as Code space as a whole have never been better,” said Pulumi CEO Joe Duffy. “As we celebrate our 5th anniversary and kick off our second annual PulumiUP user conference today, I can truly say that we are only accelerating delivery on our commitment to make Infrastructure as Code universal, and to improve developer experience while accelerating our customers’ innovation velocity."

About Pulumi

Pulumi's Cloud Engineering Platform unites infrastructure teams, developers and security engineers around one software engineering process for delivering modern cloud applications faster and speeding innovation, with best practices out-of-the-box. Pulumi’s developer-first open source platform helps teams tame the cloud’s complexity using the world’s most popular programming languages and communities, including Python, Node.js (JavaScript, TypeScript), Go and .NET (C#, F#). This enables teams to use a single pipeline for delivering and securing infrastructure and applications on any cloud—public, private, or hybrid—including AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes and more than 60 other cloud and SaaS providers. Organizations of all sizes, from startups to the Global 2000, have chosen Pulumi for their cloud transformation and modernization needs. Founded by Microsoft, AWS and Google software veterans in 2017, Pulumi is headquartered in Seattle and is backed by leading VC firms. For more information, visit www.pulumi.com.


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