Pulumi Launches ‘Pulumi Insights’ – Intelligence for Infrastructure as Code

Advanced search, analytics, and AI delivers the world’s smartest infrastructure platform

SEATTLE — April 13, 2023 — Pulumi, makers of the fastest-growing infrastructure as code product, today announced Pulumi Insights, a breakthrough innovation that brings intelligent infrastructure as code to every engineer’s fingertips. Pulumi Insights unlocks analytics and search across cloud infrastructure, generates infrastructure as code from natural language prompts, and even enables novel AI-driven infrastructure automation. The end result is tremendous gains in engineering productivity – an area in which Pulumi is already best in class – while also helping teams better understand and control their cloud usage patterns. Pulumi Insights works with infrastructure provisioned by other tools in addition to infrastructure under management using Pulumi, and integrates with industry-leading data platforms.

“As companies rely on more cloud resources across an increasing number of infrastructure and managed service providers, it becomes all the more difficult to locate, manage, and track resources across organizations, teams, and projects,” said Kelly Fitzpatrick, Senior Industry Analyst at RedMonk. “Often, this results in the infrastructure layer working as a bottleneck that increases the lead time from ideation to delivery. Pulumi aims to address these issues by providing tools and processes designed to enable companies to analyze infrastructure as code resources and apply that knowledge to cost control, forecasting, security, and compliance.”

Search – Find Anything in Any Cloud
Pulumi Insights lets engineers ask any question about their infrastructure across more than 100 clouds, using either structured search queries or natural language prompts. Supported clouds include public clouds like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud; cloud native technologies like Kubernetes, Helm, and VMWare; and SaaS infrastructure like Snowflake, Cloudflare, and MongoDB. Search helps engineers find that needle in the haystack – locating a single resource across many clouds and environments – as well as running sophisticated queries such as tracking down untagged or expensive resources across the whole organization. Search facets highlight the most used clouds and resources, broken down by project and environment, helping teams quickly understand more about the infrastructure they manage.

Analytics – Gain Deeper Insights into Cloud Infrastructure
Pulumi Insights includes new out-of-the-box dashboards and analytics, enabling engineers to gain rich insights over their own organization’s cloud infrastructure. A REST API can be used to programmatically query and add automation around search results, or to integrate with internal platforms and dashboards. Data export to other data warehouses including Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery and Azure Synapse unlocks integration with other data and analytics platforms, enabling teams to build custom dashboards using the data tools they know and love. These capabilities can be used to identify anomalies or trends in resource usage, and dig into cost, security and compliance concerns.

Intelligent Infrastructure as Code – Be More Productive with the Power of AI
Pulumi Insights embeds new AI capabilities throughout the Pulumi platform. Pulumi deeply understands usage patterns and can deliver recommendations or even generate infrastructure as code automatically. Pulumi’s Automation API – a unique approach that embeds infrastructure as code into larger software programs – lets AI go beyond simply generating content to enable advanced automation. A new companion website and command-line tool leverages large language models (LLMs) to author infrastructure as code for any architecture for any cloud in any language. Thanks to Pulumi’s unique approach of employing infrastructure as code in any programming language, industry tools like GitHub CoPilot and OpenAI ChatGPT already deliver superior support for Pulumi.

Pulumi Insights builds upon Pulumi’s flagship infrastructure as code technology which supports any programming language, and delivers semantic understanding across a connected graph of infrastructure on any cloud. Because over 2/3rds of Pulumi’s community, and 99% of its customers use Pulumi Cloud, this uniquely unlocks search, insights, and deep learning across over 1 petabyte of cloud usage data.

“With Pulumi Insights, we now have the industry’s smartest infrastructure as code,” said Joe Duffy, Founder and CEO of Pulumi. “This is yet another step-function boost to infrastructure productivity. Leveraging cloud infrastructure to deliver innovation, intelligence, and business impact has never been easier. This is an inflection point for infrastructure as code and there is so much more to come.”

Pulumi Insights is available today. Visit https://pulumi.com/insights to get started.

Supporting Quotes:
“Pulumi let us build and automate cloud infrastructure projects at a scale that simply wasn’t imaginable using prior-generation infrastructure as code technologies,” said Matt Stephenson, Senior Principal Software Engineer at Starburst. “Pulumi seriously leveled up our developer productivity, and Pulumi Insights builds on that by giving our engineers insights into their infrastructure that would be difficult to glean from elsewhere.”

“Pulumi has been critical to our platform engineering strategy and has accelerated our developers’ productivity more than any other infrastructure as code product,” said Tyler Scheuble, Head of Platform, People Data Labs. “We immediately saw the value of Pulumi Insights for helping us search our infrastructure and understand what’s been deployed for use cases like cost analysis, resource migrations, and more.”

“Docugami develops a proprietary Business Document Foundation Model, an LLM for Generative AI applied to business-owned documents, for the commercial insurance, finance and professional services segments. We do this by operating AI infrastructure at massive scale across numerous cloud technologies,” said Jean Paoli, co-founder & CEO of Docugami. “Pulumi’s unique automation capabilities make the task of managing all of our infrastructure seamless, and we welcome the new features provided by Pulumi Insights to help us manage our cloud even more effectively.”

Pricing and Availability
Pulumi Insights is available today for any customer using Pulumi’s Cloud. Pulumi’s unique “resources under management” pricing model enables additional resources to be imported for use with Pulumi Insights. Further pricing information will be announced shortly.

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About Pulumi
Pulumi lets engineers deliver infrastructure as code faster, using any programming language. The Pulumi Platform enables customers to manage 10x more resources at lower cost than traditional tools, while Pulumi Insights unlocks analytics and search across cloud infrastructure, and enables novel AI-driven infrastructure automation. For more information, visit www.pulumi.com.


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