Pulumi Launches Cloud Development Platform to Help Teams Get Code to the Cloud Faster

Company funded by Madrona Venture Group and Tola Capital to help companies accelerate cloud application development and infrastructure delivery. 


SEATTLE -- June 18, 2018 -- Pulumi Corporation today announced the launch of Pulumi, a platform for cloud software development. Pulumi is designed for developers and DevOps teams to build and manage cloud native software that uses containers, serverless functions, APIs, and infrastructure, using one consistent approach.

Pulumi Corporation’s founding team includes three developer tools veterans -- Joe Duffy, Eric Rudder, and Luke Hoban. Pulumi also announced a $5M series seed investment from Madrona Venture Group and Tola Capital. As part of the financing, Madrona’s S. Somasegar joins the Board of Directors.

At launch, Pulumi supports a variety of languages, and enables targeting all major clouds and cloud native environments. The platform is open source, available on GitHub, and is fully extensible. Alongside this initial launch is a public preview of the Pulumi SaaS for individuals and teams to collaborate on and manage cloud software development using the Pulumi platform.

“All developers are now cloud developers. The cloud delivers enormous capabilities, however creating modern cloud software is still too difficult and requires specialized skills. It lacks a true programming model with the same familiarity and productivity that developers know and love when creating traditional applications,” said Joe Duffy, CEO, Pulumi. “The Pulumi platform provides a reimagined cloud development experience, with a real programming model, enabling teams to deliver cloud software faster, and manage it more collaboratively, than ever before.”

“The growth of solutions based on Containers, Lambdas, and Data Services -- the Colada architecture -- means that teams demand new tools and frameworks to code, deploy, and manage applications in a way that unifies Development and DevOps teams” said Eric Rudder, Executive Chairman, Pulumi. “Multi-cloud is becoming a reality for most organizations and Pulumi fulfils a need for a single approach to multi-cloud development.”

The Pulumi platform introduces a code-first approach to developing and managing cloud apps and infrastructure. Pulumi’s tools and services are built atop a multi-language and multi-cloud object model, enabling componentization and an immutable infrastructure approach to orchestrating and managing any kind of cloud software. The core Pulumi platform and all supporting packages are released as open source, on GitHub under the Apache 2.0 license.

Multi-Language. Pulumi enables developers to express apps and infrastructure in their preferred language, with familiar tools and processes. This approach eliminates the need for markup- or DSL-based configuration. Pulumi currently supports JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, and Go, with other languages including Java and C# on the way.

Multi-Cloud. Pulumi supports the most popular cloud environments. At launch, this includes Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and the popular cloud native platform, Kubernetes. High level frameworks ease the task of going multi-cloud, including the ability to easily share code across cloud targets.

Open Package Ecosystem. Pulumi leverages existing package managers to enable sharing and reuse. At launch, several packages are available, including packages to get code to the cloud as fast as possible, ensure cloud best practices are applied, and productively create portable multi-cloud serverless and container-based apps. The community can easily extend, share, and reuse packages in this open ecosystem.

While in public preview, the Pulumi SaaS, which offers team and organization management capabilities for cloud apps and infrastructure, is free to use. Pulumi will continue to offer a free service tier even after exiting preview, in addition to Enterprise functionality for advanced usage.

Supporting Quotes

Madrona Venture Group

“Usage of containers and serverless computing has been accelerating, showing clear benefits to developers and enterprises, but also matched by increasing complexity in bringing these technologies together across a multi-cloud environment. Pulumi’s platform and suite of tools enables developers and teams to shortcut this complexity,” said S. Somasegar, Managing Director at Madrona Venture Group.  “I have had personal experience working alongside Eric, Joe, and Luke, and know they understand the developer community and software development deeply making it doubly exciting for us to be a part of Pulumi.”

Tola Capital

“The new era of multi-cloud, cloud native app development means business innovation happens through code, which depends on developer productivity and satisfaction. Pulumi provides developers what they need for this era, and it is with great confidence and excitement that we partner on this journey with their incredible team.” said Sheila Gulati, Managing Director of Tola Capital. “Having worked with Eric and Joe for more than fifteen years, I can’t think of any founders more prescient to create the modern development platform for the cloud. Both put the needs of the developer community at the forefront of everything that they build. This is a critical moment in time that we are backing Pulumi to profoundly impact the way development and deployment can happen in the modern cloud era.”

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About Pulumi

Pulumi provides a Cloud Development Platform that enables teams get their code to the cloud quickly and simply. Pulumi provides frameworks and libraries to build, deploy, and manage cloud services using familiar languages, with clear collaboration for teams and enterprises to deliver cloud native, multi-cloud capable, applications and solutions. For more, visit http://pulumi.com and http://twitter.com/pulumicorp

About the Founding Team

Joe Duffy, Co-Founder and CEO. Prior to founding Pulumi, Joe held leadership roles at Microsoft in the Developer Division, Operating Systems Group, and Microsoft Research, most recently as Director of Engineering and Technical Strategy for Microsoft's developer tools. In this role, Joe led key company-wide technical initiatives, in addition to managing the groups building the C#, C++, Visual Basic, and F# languages, IoT, and all Visual Studio IDE, compiler, and static analysis services. Joe created and built teams around several successful distributed programming platforms, initiated and executed on efforts to take .NET open source and cross-platform, and was instrumental in Microsoft's overall open source transformation.

Eric Rudder, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman. Prior to founding Pulumi, Eric served in executive leadership roles at Microsoft Corporate, including Executive Vice President of Advanced Technology, Executive Vice President of Advanced Strategy, and Chief Technical Strategy Officer. After joining in 1988, Eric contributed to Microsoft’s systems development strategy across networking, operating systems and developer tools, creating the Visual Studio product line as its General Manager. Eric subsequently led the establishment and growth of Microsoft’s Server and Tools business and served as Vice President of Technical Strategy, advising Microsoft’s Chief Architect and Chairman Bill Gates on Microsoft's technical architecture and processes.

Luke Hoban, CTO. Prior to Pulumi, Luke held product and engineering roles at AWS and Microsoft.  At AWS, Luke led product definition and business planning for EC2 instance families including GPU, FPGA and T2 compute offerings.  At Microsoft, Luke co-founded TypeScript (the fastest growing development language), developed Go support for Visual Studio Code (the most used developer tool for Go), was part of the design teams for ECMAScript and C#, and served as Technical Assistant to the CVP of the Developer Division contributing to corporate strategy and execution for the developer audience.

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